• Automatic ETL for data extraction from multiple data source
    Centralized Database and Report for Loan and Advances
    Reports relating to Capital Adequacy Ratio, Cash Flow Statement, Segment Analysis, Control Returns, Ratios, Board Memo
    Comprehensive MIS Reports
    Automatic Data Flow(ADF)
    Automatic Asset Classification of advance accounts by the system
    Identification of irregularities both financial/non financial
    Calculation of provisions as per RBI Norms
    Fraud and Revenue Leakage Detection
    Graphical reports (line graph/bar chart / pie chart)
    Provisions to accommodate increase in no. of branches, zones
    Interactive Dashboard
    Weight KPI, Growth KPI, Target KPI
    Business Analytics using SAS
    Internal V/s External Audit
    Risk Management
    Analytics & MIS on Cloud
Natural Support
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